Bibliography & Citation

What are Citations and Bibliographies?

Citations area an important way to ensure you keep track of what sources you have used in your work. A collection of citations is known as a Bibliography.

Do I need to cite every source I used?

Yes! Citing all of your sources is important, and helps you avoid being accused of plagiarism.

How do I make a citation? 

Making a citation is easy! The links below provide an excellent way to create proper citations for free:

Easy Bib

Citation Machine

How should a Bibliography look?

It is very easy to make a Bibliography. Simply be sure to include the following information:

Title Page

Bibliographical information in alphabetical order starting from either:

a. the first letter of the author’s or editor’s last name 

or (if no author or editor is available)

b. the first letter of the title 

Be sure to watch the following video for more information: